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Pro Venues - Game Ops Commander is definitely the “Choice of the Pros” No matter what type of sport or event you’re working, Commander is up to the task. We have installations all across the nation and Canada. From small arenas up to 100K seat stadiums, Commander will give you the features you need for a professional presentation.

There are a lot of factors that go into a good live event presentation, but one sure way of enhancing an event and keeping that event lively and fun is the addition of well-timed audio enhancements. Playing the right song, the right crowd prompt, or the right sound effect at the right time can and will provide excitement for your audience. That excitement will feed off itself and make for a very enthusiastic crowd. Game Ops Commander makes it very easy to access any number of selections to achieve that goal of entertaining your fans.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve incorporated many of the feature professionals want. From cross-fading between selections, to on-demand search, we’ve designed Commander specifically for you the professional.


Colleges & Universities - Currently there are nearly 300 colleges around the country using Game Ops Commander. These schools range from Division I to Junior Colleges. If you ask just about anyone of these schools, they will tell you that Commander not only gives them a great game presentation for their major sports, but also allows them to help “spice up” their sports & events that aren’t as well attended as others.

You see, along with the educational discount pricing we give to colleges, we also include a “site license” with Commander. This means, that once you purchase Commander software, you can install it on multiple computers for no additional cost! Some schools even put Commander on every coach’s computer!

Take a look at our college client list and talk to your colleagues that are using Commander. They will tell you the value it has for their events.


HS’s and NonProfits - How many times have you wanted to play a particular song only to find out the wrong one was cued? It’s very embarrassing when thewrong selection blares over the PA system.

You see many high schools and non-profit groups are still using tapes & CD’s to play their music selections. These older technologies were not meant for the live spontaneous moments in sporting events. Some of you have found this out first hand! However, many of you are finding out the value of Game Ops Commander. There are hundreds of high schools and non-profit groups currently using Commander for all their events. Commander is used for any sporting event where you want music, crowd prompts, & sound effects, and can easily be adapted and customized for other events such as dances, assemblies, & even drama presentations.

We even have two versions for you to choose from. Go with our entry level Basic version and immediately improve your game presentation, or choose Deluxe and use the same version that professional teams are using – both at a huge educational discount to you!


Mobile DJ’s – We know you have high demands for your shows. We know that your catalog of music selections can be in the thousands. We know you want a professional product that can easily be integrated into your shows. Game Ops Commander is perfect for DJ’s. Whether you’re working wedding receptions, school dances, or corporate events, Commander has the ability to keep up with your pace.

One of the features DJ’s have told us they like about Commander is the ease of finding any song within just a few seconds. We’ve incorporated the most robust search feature ever in Commander that can search by title, artist, album or genre. It’s “smart search” driven so you will easily find the song or songs you’re looking for.

Using Commander and having instant access to all 40,000 cuts on your laptop sure beats lugging around CD’s!


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