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Game Ops Commander software comes fully-loaded with hundreds of sports related sound effects, musical selections, and, of course, organ music.

We also include over 6,500 sound effects and generic music mp3 files with every Game Ops Commander software package.

The Commander product line also includes sound effect CDs, as well as Commander Audio Collections One, Two & Three. Each CD includes nearly an hour of crowd prompts and sound effects. Offense, defense, score, bad calls -- these CDs contain sounds guaranteed to enhance the fan experience!

The sounds, songs and effects you add into your Game Ops Commander makes it a more powerful tool. So in addition to the enclosed music we have added several additional sources for finding music, including our Links Page and this sound sample page.

Visit this page monthly to download new file clips. If you have a clip that you have used, please feel free to pass it on to us so we can share it with our other users.


Great sound of a zipper going up!

Take 1
Just like the movies!

Awesome noise of a spaceship flying by!

Soda Can
The refreshing sound of a frosty beverage

Scary scream from a man

A crazy circular saw noise

Funny noise made from a small robot

A fantastic boom from a bomb

Funny reaction from a man

Crumpled Paper
Paper is crushed like... well paper

Crowd Laugh
A great laugh track!

A big pile of junk makes a crashing noise

Comical Descent
A funny transitional noise

Funny noise from a Police Officer's radio

Cell Phone
A useful cell phone ring

Bomb Falling
Cool noise made by bomb dropped from an airplane.

Great high pitched bell noise

Crazy arcade noise

Click to the Links Page to find out about music sites.


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