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Below are questions that are frequently asked about the Game Ops Commander. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us via phone toll-free at 888.276.0078 or via email at info@gameopscommander.com.





Commander v2x won't install.
The FIX: Most likely you are running the Windows 98 operating system.

If so, you must first copy the ODBCJT32.DLL file located on the Commander disc in the win98se folder, to your hard drive. It should be copied into the C:\windows\system folder.

Once this has been copied, you can install Commander.

How does Commander hook into my PA system?
It is actually simpler than most people think. On the computer there is an audio output that a single cord is connected (this is the same jack you would connect headphones or PC speakers to).  The other end of that cord is plugged into your sound system.

Are there music and sound effects that come with Commander?
Yes. Commander software & turnkey system packages come with over 6500 sound effects, organ music, crowd prompts and even the national anthem!

What is the difference between Commander v3.0 Basic and v3.0 Deluxe?
Our Deluxe version offers more advanced abilities to multi-track (play more than one selection at the same time) than does our basic version. Our Deluxe version has both Cross-Fade and Open modes to easily mix songs and sound effects together for a seamless integration of your sound. (Note: for more details, please see our Version Comparison page)

Can I add my own music to Commander?
Yes. You can add mp3, wav, wma, & mp2 files you currently have to Commander. Commander also comes bundled complete with a recording utility for easy, error-free recordings from your audio CD collection.

What about technical support?
Our software comes with free technical support for the life of the product. We are easily contacted via phone or email. Our turnkey systems come standard with the manufacturer’s 3-year service warranty.

Is there a special version of Commander made specifically for high schools?
Although many high schools throughout the country are finding out the benefits of our 3.0 Deluxe version, our 3.0 Basic version is a great entry level program that will give a school a high quality game presentation.

I can't find the odbcjt32.dll file on the Commander 2X disc.
The FIX: It's located in the win98se folder on the Commander disc along with a Read Me file. If it doesn't show up, you must configure Windows to "see" certain files.

To do this, from My Computer click on View, then Folder Options, then the View tab. From there make sure "Show all Files" is checked.

Once you have done this, you will be able to view the file.

No audio.
The FIX: Make sure the sound card is connected by cable to the mixing console.

Make sure the volume control on the Commander screen is set to 100%. Then check your sound card.

Every sound card has a separate volume control for Wave, MIDI, and CD Audio. Make sure all of them are set to the appropriate level.

To check your computer's volume levels within Commander from the menu bar, click on View then Volume Controls.

In addition, some notebook computers have a manual volume control on the side of the notebook or buttons near the keyboard -- make sure these are all up.

Bits of material are being skipped during digitizing or playback.
The FIX: The most common cause of recurring digitizing (i.e., recording) or playback errors is fragmentation of the hard disk. Fragmentation means file data is strewn all over the hard disk's surface rather than in adjacent areas.

When recording, the hard disk constantly seeks places to write data. When playing audio files, the hard disk constantly seeks places to read data. Errors occur when the hard disk mechanism spends too much time seeking and not enough time writing or reading.

When this happens, the sound card has no choice but to dump the digital audio data until the hard drive has "caught up."

If you experience this problem, defragment your hard drive(s). Doing this will gather data on a hard disk in a large contiguous area, consolidating all of your existing files and leaving a large, continuous area open for new recording.

As an added by product, Windows and other applications will run faster because of reduced access time. Another common cause is the lack of adequate RAM. 64MB is OK, however, 128MB, 256MB or more could help alleviate the problem

Will Commander work on a laptop computer?
Yes. Commander is compatible with most laptop/notebook computers.

Do I need a special sound card to operate Commander?
No. One of the nicest features of Commander is that it will run on almost any PC. Including laptops! No special proprietary sound card is needed. Just click and go!

Will Commander play sound over other sounds?
Yes. If you want to play music and then layer sound effects over the top, then you'll want to order our Deluxe version. The Deluxe version allows you to play up to 6 different selections at the same time! -- With your existing sound card!!

How many songs can I load into Commander?
It's a valid question -- But what needs to be determined is how big of a hard drive does your computer have? And of that, how much of the drive is free space? Commander can support many files types, but certainly, the most popular are mp3 files. Figure this into your equation;  An average mp3 file recorded in two channel stereo with bit rate of 128 (CD quality) is going to translate to approximately 1 MB of disc space for every 1 minute of music. What does all that mean!?!

It means that for every 1 GB of free disc space, you can store about 1000 minutes of music - or somewhere over 300 songs!

How is Game Ops Commander affiliated with the Portland Trail Blazers?
Game Ops Commander was designed by the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers (see our Product History page). Who better to design a sports related software system than a professional sports team! Commander is sold exclusively by Action Sports Media, a leader in sports marketing and game presentation products and services.

Can Commander be loaded on my MAC?
Technically no. However, many newer Mac's can be loaded with Virtual PC or with Parallels Desktop for Mac. These programs allow a Mac to run in a PC Windows environment. There has been small amount of testing on this and so far it appears to work OK, but still at this time, we recommend using a PC.

Can Game Ops Commander be installed on Windows ME and XP?
Yes. If you're using Commander version 3.0.

If you're using versions 2.0 or 2.5 it will install, but first you must copy the ODBCJT32.DLL file we provide to your hard drive (this is the same file used in the Windows 98 systems). There is one difference. Both Windows ME and XP have a System File Protection feature that doesn't allow for conventional copying and overwriting of certain system files. You must boot your system in Safe mode to copy the system file. Then, Commander will install correctly.

If I have my own computer, will Commander work with it?
Commander is compatible with most PC's on the market today. Please refer to the System Requirements page.

OK, I want to order!
Call us toll-free at 888-276-0078 or email at info@gameopscommander.com and we can get the process started.

How long will it take to receive my order?
If you are ordering a software only package, typically you will receive it in 2 – 3 business days. If you are ordering a full turnkey system, it will be a bit longer – generally 5 – 10 business days.

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