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Demo (Free Trial) Welcome to the Game Ops Commander download site. Here you will find a fully functional version of Game Ops Commander 3.0. The demo will continue to function for 30 days or 60 launches, after which you will need to purchase a license for the full copy. Along with the license you will receive all of our audio clips and copies of Music Match Basic and Sound Forge Audio Studio 8.0 (Included with Deluxe version only).

Note: There are two versions of Game Ops Commander. The first is for Windows NT, 2000 or XP, the second is for 98/ME. Please be sure to download the correct version.

Download the Windows 98/ME version here.

Download the Windows 2000/XP version here.

Software Updates

Patches Updates and Upgrades:
To upgrade early builds of Commander 3.0 demo version to the latest 3.0.106 build, click here.

An upgraded version of the database import wizard is available here

(The Database Import Wizard is for Commander v2X users to import their database (screens) into Commander v3.0).


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