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Game Ops Commander also offers the best, in game music on standard CD's.

A 2 volume set, each collection includes nearly 60 minutes of the music your fans want to hear. No computer required, simply use a standard CD player! Each collection includes CD-quality crowd prompts, sound effects, and traditional organ music. Plus, the selections are arranged in logical categories -- offense, defense, score, bad calls are just a few examples. These CD's contain sounds guaranteed to enhance the fan experience. Buy both and save!

Audio Collection 1
Audio Collection 1 is a 2 CD set which includes 145 tracks. This set has a good mix of crowd prompts, organ music, and enough sound effects to enhance any situation. We've included both the US National Anthem as well as the Canadian National Anthem - in every key! This is definitely the CD you'll want to start your audio library.

Audio Collection 2
Audio Collection 2 is a single CD with 89 tracks. It also has nearly an hour's worth of selections, but because it has less than 100 tracks, we were able to record Audio Collection 2 on 1 CD. The selections in Collection 2 tend to be longer and we didn't include as many short sound effects as we did on Collection 1. We've incorporated more clap tracks and organ music to help keep your fans excited and into the game.

New! Audio Collection 3
100 Instrumental “beds” and loops to help keep your fans excited and into the game. These are “non-vocal” instrumental cool tracks that can be used underneath PA reads, under highlights, going into or coming out of live action (time-outs, stoppages,etc.). --NOTE – These are all created to loop in Game Ops Commander software and are meant solely for Game Ops Commander users --

To order please call (888-276-0078) or send an email.

Action Sports Media has been a leader in game day production of video elements for years. For those of you with video boards, you know a major focus in game operations is the presentation and content of your video board. After talking to game day directors throughout various sports, many have told us their scoreboard show lacks a professional, polished look. They may have a few really “cool looking” graphics, but their show in its entirety tends to be a “hodge-podge” of different styles, colors, and looks. What they’re looking for is a collaborative combination of integrated video elements, particularly with their graphics. That’s why we created Game Day Motion GFX. Our packages are a complete selection of broadcast quality graphics including spirit bumpers, crowd prompts, full screen backgrounds still elements and more. All customized to your team color and logo! These are the types of graphics teams are looking for. They become the basis of your show and you’ll use them game after game to have that professional polished look. Plus, many of our current customers have certain elements sponsored and we’ll even add a sponsor logo to any of our graphics at no additional charge.

Our video expertise is not only limited to your in-game presentation. We produce opens, ticket spots, commercial spots, and just about any type of video production element you will need for a successful season.

Check us out at www.actionsportsmedia.com/gfx or call us at 888.276.0078 for consultation.


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